Easy Wordpress Website Training

Easy Step-By-Step Website Training: Transform From A Beginner To Being A Pro

REVEALED: Simple steps to create your own website in under 10  minutes and take control of your website with this Step by Step process.

Hello. My name is Carol Poole. Two years ago I tried to build a website and failed miserably. I didn’t want to invest the time, energy and considerable cost into learning how to use Dreamweaver so I decided to source some other website building options.  The problem was that I didn’t know HTML or coding and my design skills were embarrassing to say the least.

After I became skilled at creating websites, I decided to put together a webinar series that included everything I have learned about WordPress Websites.

You can now have access to the recordings of the WordPress Website Webinar Training series that was recorded live in 2011.

This is not some manufactured training series to make things look easy and then find out they aren’t. This is a live recorded webinar that will help build a website in under 10 minutes and how to fix things when things go wrong.

The webinars ran for over 4 weeks for 2 hours – that’s over 8 hours of pure training content.

Most users will be able to set up their website within 10 minutes. Of course, if you want to get fancy and pick a pretty theme that might take a little longer (only because there are thousands of themes to choose from).

What’s Included:

The program includes 4 x 2 hour webinars that were recorded live during  January and February 2011. Plus you will get our 85page WordPress Guide.

Because it was recorded “live” you even get to see what to do when things go wrong.

In this Website Training series, you will learn how to:

  • Register a domain name
  • Purchase a hosting account
  • Link the domain with your hosting account
  • Install WordPress
  • Fight and Prevent SPAM
  • Make WordPress Search Engine Friendly
  • Install and change themes
  • Understand and use Widgets and Plugins to give your site more functionality
  • Control the content in your sidebar
  • Understand the difference between pages and posts
  • Add posts and pages
  • Add text and images to posts and pages
  • Add pictures and format them
  • Add links to text and images
  • Make posts “sticky” and control which posts appear at the top of the page
“In the morning I downloaded the manual, by the afternoon I had built my own WordPress website from scratch! I just followed the steps in the book. When I finished the webinar series I was so confident in WordPress that I went and got my first job building a website for a business associate.”

You will also be provided with an 85 page WordPress Step by Step Guide.

We have even had some of our students build their own websites using nothing but this guide

Its So Easy! Just follow the instructions Step By Step

You will also discover:

  • How to add page navigation in the sidebar
  • How to use the Page and Post Editor
  • How to add a Contact Us page
  • Add a Privacy Policy page
  • Add a Terms of Use page
  • How to create sub menus
  • How to hide pages from the navigation menu
  • How to change your home page from a blog to a static page
  • How to add Categories and Tags and why they are critical
  • How to add Social Bookmarking plugins for Facebook (fblike), Twitter (Tweetmeme) etc
  • Understand and Manage Comments
  • Make your login secure
  • Change the dashboard colour
  • Add new users
  • Add You Tube video on pages and on the sidebar
  • Add pictures with links in the sidebar even if you don’t know HTML

Once you have mastered the basics, we will then cover some more advanced options

  • Use Google Analytics and install it on your site
  • How to track the amount of people who come to your site
  • How to back up your website
  • Make your site mobile friendly
  • Add Google Maps to your website
  • Stop some pages being indexed in the the search engines
  • How to manage the media library
  • Add a name capture (opt-in) form to your website
  • Adding a favicon to your website
  • How to ping your website
  • Add more websites onto your hosting account
  • Manage the WordPress Media Library
  • How to Import other HTML websites into wordpress and migrate your links to your new site
  • Add Self Hosted Videos using the Flowplayer plugin
  • Add Audio / Podcasts using the Podcasting TSG plugin
  • Find the best most flexible WordPress Themes
  • How to change the appearance of your site using Themes
  • Recommendations on some great search engine friendly themes
  • How to write search engine friendly content
  • How to put a Paypal button on your website
  • Where to store your downloadable files on your hosting account
  • How to change text and add tables using the Tiny MCE Advanced plugin
  • How to add text in the footer such as Copyright information
  • How to do picture slideshows and style your pictures
  • How to add page navigation in the sidebar using the Page Widget
  • Use the Page and Post Editor

**Please Note: As the product is of a digital nature and can be downloaded to your computer from the membership area immediately upon access, we are unable to guarantee refunds. However, should you be unhappy with this product in any way we would encourage you to contact  support  so that we can evaluate your situation and provide a satisfactory outcome.

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