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carol330x413Hi my name is Carol Poole,

When I started out doing Internet Marketing only a few years ago, I struggled to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.  I purchased an expensive 12 month course that was supposed to teach me the core skills of Internet Marketing. But it just didn’t cut it. The information was out of date and the course did not contain enough  information that I needed to be successful online.

The website building program that was recommended to me was expensive and only allowed me to have one website hosted at a time.  Of course, now I know I can have all of my websites hosted for even less than the price of the website building program that was “offered” to me when I started out as a newbie.

Don’t get me wrong…

I am not criticizing the course. It was my entry point into Internet Marketing and for that I will be forever grateful. It was targeted at beginners after all. But the point I am trying to make is that I had to learn a heck of a lot of things over and above what was taught in the course, and personally I would have preferred to learn how to do things the right way the first time.  Learning it properly would have saved a mountain of time instead of having to go back and fix up all my mistakes.  And there were plenty of mistakes.

I certainly would never have predicted that I would learn from Australia’s most successful Internet Marketer and that my online results would accelerate.

Back to my story

I ended up spending hours, weeks and months Googling and attending countless webinars and seminars.  The problem I had with Google though was finding out what I needed to know when I didn’t even know the correct terminology for what I was searching for.  After a few months or trying several software programs I understood the basics of putting a website together.  I understood the basics of search engine optimization. I understood the basics of finding a niche market but I can honestly say I did not know how to put everything together.

I got countless email lists and didn’t have the  best filters in place.

I was overwhelmed. I had information overload and my head was spinning.

I made countless mistakes and I found I was constantly going back over my work to redo things the right way because the right way was not taught up front in that other course.  In fact, I am still doing this on some of my niche websites. All that wasted time.  I know without doubt I would have been streets ahead had enrolled myself in a different program and learnt how to do things the right way first.

You can guess I was frustrated…

Fortunately, some months later I attended a 3 day seminar where some of the worlds top Internet marketers were presenting.  The content was interesting and by the time I attended this seminar I was able to sort out the good guys from the bad guys (there was lots of rogues).  Only one of the presenters at the conference who stood out for me as someone who I would consider as a mentor and coach.

Why? Because he was genuine. He was one of the few Internet Marketers that actually made his living from Internet Marketing rather than just pitch-fests. He actually had proof – real proof that his techniques work.  Not only that, he had given up his $300K a year day job to become a full-time Internet Marketer.

I was impressed but I decided to wait…

Can you believe it!   I decided to try and complete my other 12 month course first.  Big mistake!

The problem was that course I had been doing really did not teach me anything new – I should have known better. The content I was learning was exactly the same information that was provided on the free one day seminar workshop I attended months ago.

I felt like it was Ground Hog Day – nothing new – just the same outdated information being taught ….

Thankfully, you will never need to struggle as hard as I did because I am going to offer something exciting that will teach you all the important things you need to know when you start out,

more on that in just a moment……

Next it was decision time. I did what you may be doing, I started comparing the information provided from several top Internet Marketers in the hope of finding someone who could help me. I narrowed it down to two people.  I read their blogs. I attended some of their free webinars.  I was looking for someone who was:

  • Genuine
  • Successful
  • Had proof
  • Provided great content
  • Did not always sell

So I joined a private forum and also started commencing a high level Internet Marketing Mentoring program. Suddenly everything I had previously learned and everything taught in the forum fell into place. I was on fire.  I learned the latest cutting edge techniques. Finally, I found a place that was constantly updated with all the latest information and I learned about lots of other different business models.  Finally, I was actually starting to make a more consistent income. I even left my six figure day job (and so did my husband) in December 2010.

Which is why now, we want to share what we have learned from you. We seriously hate some of the rubbish that is being promoted in the Internet Marketing space by scaly snake oil salesman. And even though I am a certified practicing marketer (recognised by the Australian Marketing Institute – which I have to comply with Marketing Standards) and have 15 years experience up my sleeve, I am embarrassed to call myself a Marketer. However, I am seriously passionate about the online space and want to teach people the right way to do Marketing.

Maybe you are not a beginner.  Possibly you are in a place like I was – you aren’t just starting out but want to learn how to accelerate your results online?  Maybe you are annoyed with all the BS out there and want help? Perhaps it is time to ask yourself some important questions:

  • Are you frustrated because your website isn’t making much money after months and months of effort and you don’t really understand why?
  • Are you sick and tired of spending money on courses that promise the “world” only to find out the information being provided is out of date, useless and just plain BS?
  • Can you imagine a life where you can build a profitable online business that generates money for you automatically with less work. Wouldn’t that be great?
  • Or what if you could eliminate hours and weeks of frustration by learning from the world’s best Internet marketers. How would that feel if you could do this?
  • Are you wanting to spend more time relaxing with friends instead of going through the time consuming misery of searching for the latest cutting edge information on Internet Marketing?
  • What if you had the ability to quickly grow an outsourcing team from one to many and have it run on autopilot so you could take off on your next trek around the world?
  • Do you want to free up your time from the slavery of writing article after article and still keep your website updated with fresh, original content?
  • How would you like to discover new e-marketing business blueprints that teach you a step by step approach to  accelerate your online results?
  • What if you could give up your dead end day job and start a profitable business providing support to local businesses?

If you answered yes, then read on to learn more about an amazing program for motivated action takers who want to learn how to put the pieces of the Internet Marketing puzzle together.

  • How would you like to learn little known techniques that bring massive amounts of traffic to your sites?
  • Discover how to improve conversions and how to persuade people to buy from you and not your competitors
  • Uncover proven strategies for quadrupling sales conversions by combining a few common tools and applying production techniques that you can set up at home
  • Would you like to have access to world class education with content that you can immediately put into action?
  • Or what if you could learn how to get “Server Melting Traffic” to your website with less effort?
  • Would you like to learn how to attract and retain loyal customers?

Now I’m not sure what stage you are at with your Internet Marketing.

  • Perhaps you are curious about Internet Marketing and want to learn more?
  • Maybe you have moved beyond the complete newbie stage but are struggling to get traction in your Internet Marketing endeavours?
  • Maybe you need coaching in a specific area?
  • Or mentoring to guide you, keep you focused and working on the strategy?

No sweat.

We have programs that suit your needs no matter what stage you are at in Internet Marketing.

You can choose to do our starter JumpStart program so you can learn the foundations of Internet Marketing at your own leisure.

Alternatively you can choose our TurboStart program which includes all the information from our JumpStart program but you also have access to our WordPress Website training series as well as ongoing support with one 30 minute support call every week and  email support.

Otherwise, if you know the basics of how to do keyword research and how to put a website together but need direction and focus, then you can check out our Accelerator program which will help give you focus, accountability and direction.

In the Turbostart and Accelerator programs, Carol will sort out all the techy issues that constantly hold you back and Ray will help simplify your process and ensure you maintain your focus on the end goal – Profit!

Maybe you are just interested in staying on top of what is happening and want to be part of a community of like minded people – no problem. Our Digital Marketing Pulse Forum might be of interest.

Maybe you would just like to register and hear from us every now then and get some useful tips. If so, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and join our list. We promise not to spam.

Why join a Program?

  • We know there is a lot to learn
  • There are lots of programs that do not teach you everything you need to know
  • You have help achieve your goals
  • You have been struggling on your own and know you need to take the next step
  • Get the direction, focus and structure you require
  • Overwhelmed with information – we can simplify this
  • Stuck in a rutt and don’t know where to turn
  • You need up to date information
  • You need someone to help you with the Techy Bits
  • Positive reinforcement – does everyone around you support what you do

Who Should Apply

  • Self motivated
  • Goal setters
  • Looking for growth
  • Implementers
  • Business minded people

Why Should You Listen to Us?

  • We have been mentored by a top Internet Marketer
  • We have broad business experience
  • Carol has over 15 years experience in Marketing, developing and implementing strategy for an $89m consumer goods portfolio with a privately owned business
  • Ray has over 20 years experience running a small business with an annual turnover of over $1m and hiring sub-contractors and employees. He has also coached and mentored athletes at elite level sport.

Interested?…… See what others say.



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